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Why participate?

Cultivating a well-rounded world view is beneficial for children individually, as well as society at large. Participation engages partner schools across the globe and provides developing communities with vital outreach programs.


“Our program is specifically tailored to inspire children to craft meaningful ways of communicating to the world and to each other.”

- Olesia Alexandrova

We’re forming a new kind of global community – one where members are curious, compassionate and involved. But we can’t succeed without the support of diverse, active members from around the world. Our participating schools are the backbone of everything we do, and we rely on their energy and cultural exchanges to keep the spirit of Ubuntu Mail thriving.

Our schools cover a wide plane of diversity – geographically, linguistically, culturally, economically and politically. But across this spectrum, every student and community stands to benefit differently from their involvement. Schools and orphanages in developing communities are rewarded with the opportunity to express their unique struggles to an interested audience while broadening their perspective of a world that they have narrow exposure to. These communities also receive support for sustainable projects based on their specific needs. Furthermore, schools in the developed world cite that participation is highly rewarding for the students, as teachers notice a heightened awareness of global issues and say it often inspires children to mobilize and raise funds for their partner school.

We’re aware that every school and community faces unique sets of challenges.
Our program is specifically tailored to inspire children to craft meaningful ways of communicating to the world and to each other. They have the freedom to share without limits, and are provided with the structure to have impactful exchanges while sharing unique views and positive energy with the global community. The ripple effect of this positivity is immense, and ultimately impossible to measure.

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Our Partners

UbuntuMail is always interested in expanding its influence by forming strategic partnerships with local and international organizations. Our objective is to facilitate long-term, sustainable development.

We invite you to become a part of our movement and spread the spirit of compassion and hope to underprivileged children around the world. Our partnerships exponentially strengthen our ability to bring real change to struggling regions. That means we can take on the tough, evasive challenges that communities have been battling for centuries by combating injustice, hunger, education inequality and weak infrastructure.

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