What It Costs to Participate

Ubuntu Mail is a social enterprise, and although it uses its profits to benefit children and communities in need, it also depends on the generosity of those who can afford to lend a hand. We foster social and environmental sustainability by implementing a fee-for-service, cross compensation model. Reinvesting profits and partnering with schools in the developed world allows us to bring life changing services to schools in challenged communities for free.

Pricing depends on the financial situation of each participating school.
For classrooms with a “financially sustainable background,” there is a
$40 monthly fee that includes all program instructions, communication
structure, classroom materials and merchandise. Individual participation costs only $15 a month and also includes all instructions, materials and merchandise.

Schools in developing countries or challenged circumstances are able to participate and receive all materials at no cost. They also stand to benefit from community projects funded by their partner schools they interact with in the developed world. And as we know, access to water, education and school supplies is something that we cannot put a price on.

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