Benefits of Getting Involved

Participating in Ubuntu Mail programs opens up a world of learning and possibilities for children in challenged and developed regions alike. This causes a ripple effect of hope and change, and therefore benefits the global community at large.

We cannot stress enough how impactful the pen pal program has been for these children – as opposed to passively learning about the world through social studies or traditional education, they are actively engaging in communication with children on the other side of the globe and taking action to help them. One of the most important things we hope they take away from these exchanges is that they become “self-directed agents of change” and realize that by putting the time and effort into understanding others and organizing affective ways to help them, they can send waves of impact and change the lives of others around the globe.

Benefits for children in the developed world

Our programs give children the opportunity to understand what their peers are experiencing on the other side of the world, first-hand. Here are just a few things kids say they’ve learned from working with Ubuntu Mail:

  • Recognizing the vast amount of diversity around the world
  • Gaining new appreciation for their opportunities at home
  • Realizing that THEY have the power to make a difference in the world
  • Organizing events and becoming self-directed agents of change
  • Sympathizing with the struggles that others face in challenged communities
  • Inspiring new ideas about sustainable globalization
  • Building lifelong friendships

Benefits for children in developing regions

Beginning Ubuntu Mail’s pen pal program marks the start of a new chapter in these children’s lives. They are given the materials and structure to express themselves in a way that they never thought possible, with children in communities that were once completely out of their reach. Some of the many lifelong benefits include:

  • Practicing and improving their English skills
  • Providing a proactive, structured environment to express themselves
  • Inspiring them to think positively about their future
  • Involving them in the narrative of change in their community
  • Providing them and their community with sustainable projects and initiatives
  • Exposing them to other isolated communities with separate sets of challenges
  • Building lifelong friendships

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