Hope has a new name

Published: 29 Apr, 2015

It was only 100 days. That dark period in 1994 from April 7 to mid July when the Rwanda genocide took place, leading to the mass murder of the mainly Tutsi population. The death toll is estimated to be 500,000 - 1,000,000 and had devastating psychological consequences.
However, the aftermath of the genocide held a positive force - Nizeyimana Seleman. Seleman was a former Rwandan child soldier forced to commit atrocities during the genocide. As a 12-year-old boy or ‘kadogo’, he founded ASOLATE, a program to provide education and opportunities for disadvantaged children like him. During his time as a child soldier, Seleman longed to return to school and receive an education. Despite his traumatizing childhood, Seleman always understood the importance of education and learning a skill. It is as a result of these ideals that ASOLATE was founded.

They say once you choose hope, anything’s possible. Seleman chose hope for himself and for all those young kids who have nothing else but just hope. The extremely harsh and challenging military life was too much for Seleman to take in and he always wished to return to school. Most of the comrades weren’t able to complete their studies, however Nizeyimana received support from his parents and ultimately finished his education.

Seleman is now the Executive Director of ASOLATE and a fatherly figure to a number of street children and adolescent soldiers. The passion with which Seleman generously helps the youth is an inspiration and support system for their growth and sustenance.
Such earnest efforts inspire others to create a difference by contributing to society in direct and indirect ways every day. UbuntuMail is proud to collaborate with ASOLATE and help to support the children in their quest to shape their future in a better way.

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