Make Your Gift of Lasting Change

Whether monthly or a special, one-time gift, we commit to use your contribution to make a difference in the lives of children and families who need it most.
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    Fill your symbolic Ubuntu Mail Package with a gift you’d like to give.
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    Receive a detailed report on how your contribution helped us make an impact!
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    Receive a personal Thank you Note from the community you have helped.

Give a Gift That Changes the World

What Is a Gift of Lasting Change?
It’s a present that makes your friends and loved ones smile while helping someone you’ve never met lift herself and her family out of poverty.
It’s a gift that will make you smile today and every time think about how you helped a girl get her education, a mother deliver a baby safely, a farmer grow more food for her family, a little boy drink a clean glass of water, and a young woman save enough money to open her own small business.
You can also use our Gift Certificates to provide a thoughtful and caring gift for everyone on your list.
Save Children's Lives for Just $.63 Cents a Day!
Hunger. Violence. Disaster. Millions of children and families right now are fighting desperately to survive.
Every day is a struggle. But you have the power to stop this suffering and save lives for as little as 63 cents a day.
Become our partner today with your monthly gift of $19 or more and help us
provide the emergency food, shelter, medical care and other support
so many children and families urgently need.
But please hurry — they need your help today!
Spread the Word
Share these facts to inspire global action.
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