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New career paths for girls in South Africa

To give girls a fighting chance to reach their full potential, The Techno Girl program was created, a program that increases female participation in STEM fields with shadowing and mentoring programs. Since its launch in 2010, More than 10,000 girls have been enrolled in shadowing programs and mentorship opportunities. Not only does the program expose …

The power of youth

Every year we come together at Power Shift – the largest youth-led environmental summit in Ghana, to train a generation of young people to campaign for environmental improvements. Its young founders are Climate Reality Leaders personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to educate the public about the causes and dangers of climate …

Children for Sale

Along Lake Volta, Ghanaian children are sold into a life of forced labor, malnutrition and abuse. Traffickers prey on poor families, who are persuaded to send their children to work in deplorable conditions on rickety fishing boats. Parents are told that their children will attend school in exchange for a few hours of work, but …

So what is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a beautiful, ancient concept upheld by many world cultures, however it is particularly associated with the African continent. It is a traditional African philosophy that offers us an understanding of ourselves in relation to the world at large. According to Ubuntu, there exists a common bond between every soul on the planet, and …

Turning ex-child soldiers into able citizens

He is not alone in this dark past. According to UN estimates, tens of thousands of children have been abducted and forcibly recruited into various armed groups in the eastern DRC, among them Rwandans whose parents fled to Congo after the 1994 genocide. Furthermore, few employment opportunities mean that former child soldiers often lack food …

Removing barriers

For decades, the approach in Armenia has been to exclude special needs children from mainstream schools and place them in separate establishments where they were deprived of a decent education. Now, they are slowly but surely being offered more opportunities like the ones provided at School No. 27. The principal, Susanna Sargsyan, says that “All …

Peer Education, not Fear Education

Seropyan is not a teacher, but a member of the AIDS Prevention, Education and Care (APEC) NGO. The organization has charged itself with the task of training 1,400 schoolchildren as peer educators by May 2005 through interactive teaching methods, discussion and games. The end goal is to educate children on a massive scale about the …

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