News by Country: SOUTH AFRICA

New career paths for girls in South Africa
Category: Children's Voices

To give girls a fighting chance to reach their full potential, The Techno Girl program was created, a program that increases female participation in STEM fields with shadowing and mentoring programs. Since its launch in 2010, More than 10,000 girls have been enrolled in shadowing programs and mentorship opportunities. Not only does the program expose …

Prevent HIV/AIDS infection
Category: Our Heroes

A critical advancement has been in preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, as rates of new infections have greatly declined in babies in low- and middle-income countries. However, the same progress has not yet been made for children already living with the disease, and the rate of AIDS deaths in adolescents is alarming. One center in …

Helping children to end violence
Category: Our Heroes

Programs like The Young Reporters Network, which trains young female reporters in storytelling and journalism to prepare them to make appearances on nationwide radio stations. Reporters’ messages are often centered around violence and abuse, as these are sadly some of the most prominent issues affecting them. 15 year-old- Cindy is a reporter with the program. …

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