News by Country: RWANDA

Day of the African Child
Category: Our Heroes

“The early years of a child’s life quite literally present the opportunity of a lifetime. What happens, or does not happen to a child through its early childhood can influence the entire course of that child’s life, for better or for worse” said Noala Skinner, Representative of UNICEF Rwanda. In April 2012, the Government of …

Hope has a new name
Category: Our Heroes

They say once you choose hope, anything’s possible. Seleman chose hope for himself and for all those young kids who have nothing else but just hope. The extremely harsh and challenging military life was too much for Seleman to take in and he always wished to return to school. Most of the comrades weren’t able …

Turning ex-child soldiers into able citizens
Category: Children's Voice

He is not alone in this dark past. According to UN estimates, tens of thousands of children have been abducted and forcibly recruited into various armed groups in the eastern DRC, among them Rwandans whose parents fled to Congo after the 1994 genocide. Furthermore, few employment opportunities mean that former child soldiers often lack food …

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