Building Bridges for Children

Published: 25 Feb, 2015
Joseph Addison said, “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.” The importance of education is suggested by the fact that a child is able to face the world, only if he is well educated with the necessary skills and knowledge. A number of kids around the world are deprived of proper means to receive quality coaching and tutoring; however, many organizations like Building Bridges for Children (BBC), Cambodia have made generous efforts to help the kids of Cambodia get sustainable education.

It is said that there is no better way to thank god for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark. This act of generosity to help the children of Cambodia learn the basic values of life through various events organized by BBC is surely a way to make people believe that humanity does exist. This non-profit organization has been working sustainable education and community development for quite a long period. The logo of the organization carries its essence that depicts three essential meanings. The importance of water is taught to the children through the blue color. The NPO runs a number of projects to help the people from their community to have better access to potable water.

The importance of gardening, forests and the environment as a whole is explained through the green color. The most crucial meaning is shown by the image of a child which is at the centre of the logo, depicting a seed that grows and blooms if nurtured properly with education. In total, this logo depicts the essence of education, water and agriculture which is beneficial for the overall growth and development of children as well as to support the people of the community to generate sustainable human capital. What could be a better way to explain the name of the NGO called Building Bridges for Children?

The children aren’t just given the elementary education, but are taught in order to train them to be alert and aware about the worldly issues. The organization has been organizing English classes for children who belong to a financially deprived family. In fact, if there are children who wish to receive the classes in the evening, the facilities are provided. There are also a number of interactive sessions organized for parents. BBC has successfully undertaken a number of projects like setting up a community pond or a water tank for the school. A preschool has been set up in the community where the young kids are imparted the imperative boon of education. Computer labs have been set up to make the kids totally sound with the technological advancements.

UbuntuMail is proud of the efforts that Building bridges for Children has put in and supports such organization to help humanity seek its real essence.