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About Us

Ubuntu Mail facilitates communication, growth, and change amongst children of the world in developing regions
who do not typically get exposure to ideas or cultures beyond their community walls.

Ubuntu Mail is a mission-centric social enterprise that came together to focus its products and services on orphanages and schools around the world, connecting children in rural areas worldwide, as part of a larger effort to introduce growth in community development, while improving the language skills and broadening the understanding of cultures and communities outside of their own.

Our Team

Our team is fueled by two passions: bringing people together to learn about different cultures and creating sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for children in developing countries.

From managers to ambassadors and volunteers, our team is passionate about bridging the gaps between people and culture – but we can’t do it alone!

Learn more about our program, our projects, and how you can become involved in helping us change the world one letter at a time.

What We Do

Our world is shifting to become a more diverse and complex place, and the next generation is faced with the challenges of helping one another to end prejudice and injustice. Despite our widely globalized society, the stifling boundaries of cultural misunderstanding and hatred still cut and divide people around the world. We are still plagued with war, starvation and poverty from Africa to North America, and everywhere in between.Ubuntu Mail develops programs to address the issues of cultural bias and isolation amongst children of diverse communities around the world. We also implement projects to address a variety of issues in developing areas centered around medical support, education, water supply and community development.We emphasize the role that cross-cultural interpersonal communication plays in ensuring sustainable globalization. We offer a unique solution of highly effective educational practices and provide a framework for communication that creates bridges between radically different cultures.We facilitate youth empowerment through educational tools, across diverse social, demographic, and economic backgrounds.The ultimate lesson is to make young people aware that change is not initiated or led solely by “authority figures;” that it takes a whole host of people (including young people) to make a difference in our communities, and to empower youth to become self-directed agents of change. Through our program children, youth, and adults alike learn to create positive social change by engaging in conscious critical thought and action that examines assumptions, reactions, and outcomes.

How We Do It

Ubuntu Mail is comprised of 4 Programs, with our Pen Pal program at the center of our internal operations.
Our #1 objective is to work in synchrony to support the Ubuntu Mail philosophy and make sure that our programs
benefit children directly.

Pen Pal Program

We match up individuals, schools and orphanages from different socioeconomic backgrounds with one another around the world to exchange insightful art and stories about their lives. Ubuntu Mail provides materials and a structured framework for all participants.

Awareness Program

We use some of the letters and art created within the frame of the Pen pal exchanges to inform and inspire others around the world.

Fundraising PrograM

Content from the participants’ exchanges and field research direct the efforts of fundraising programs supported by schools and donors.

Development Program

Sustainability is the name of the game! Our fundraising fuels solutions to community problems based on insight gained throughout our pen pal programs and ambassador research.

Why We Do It


“Ubuntu” is a beautiful, ancient concept upheld by many world cultures, however it is particularly associated with the African philosophy that offers us an understanding of ourselves in relation to the world at large. According to Ubuntu, there exists a common bond between every soul on the planet, and through this bond and interactions with our fellow human beings, we realize our own human qualities. Ubuntu is commonly translated as “human kindness.” However, its meaning transcends the scope of simple kindness – it embodies the very ideals of connection, community, and mutual caring for all.

Our program implements the core principles of this compassionate philosophy to benefit children and their communities directly. We connect entirely different cultures to cultivate respect and understanding, foster meaningful relationships, and create special bonds between people that reflect the essence of Ubuntu.


To ignite youth globally through cross-cultural exchanges and service supported by highly progressive educational practices for the purpose of promoting a peaceful world and developing global citizens who are fully equipped for the 21st Century.

“The mission of Ubuntu Mail is to spread global cultural understanding and implement real, self-sustainable change in the world.” — Maria Negliad


Our short term goals involve motivating and incentivizing children around the world to improve their English and to spark interest and awareness in youth about their place in the global community.

Our long term goals involve increasing the understanding and tolerance of diversity amongst the youth involved in our programs and the public through letter exhibitions, as well as enabling sustainable solutions in communities based on insights gained during the letter exchange programs and ambassador research.

Our Ambassadors

To stay close to the community and represent our activities on a regional level, we’ve created a team of
passionate individuals to help with integrating projects into local schools.

Want to represent our activities in your community?

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